Hello.This is Godryon!
Let's often read a rule and participate happily.

[The rule of clans]
- It is a about strong <happily on good terms!
- which will speak to the person who entered newly from it self
- Make reinforcements active.
- Report perfectly.

[Member Participating standard]
- TH8 more
- Archer Lv5 more
- A cooperative direction
- Aged 18 and over

[About reinforcements]
- The foundations should send Archer Lv5, and barbarian Lv5-.Wizards Lv5-.Dragon Lv3-.Darkness is Lv2-ok.
*A wall breaker, a goblin, an air balloon, a healer, and a giant are prohibition.If these five sorts have a specification request
- Please aim contribution of reinforcements, and the balance of the quantity to get at a same number grade.
- The gratitude of reinforcements is not needed fundamentally.(It is because a chat does not stop keeping from functioning by the gratitude of reinforcements.)Gratitude is ok even if it carries out.However, put gratitude!
- Lv specification of reinforcements is possible from a crystal league.* A barbarian, Archer, Giant, an air balloon, and a wizards specification possible for Lv5 - a dragon, and darkness except a witches specification possible for Lv3-
- As bailout below a crystal league, Lv specification is also possible for the request at the time of defense.However, even the units Lv which he can produce are conditions.
- Specification of reinforcements is to the unit which he can produce.
* As long as there is no specification, you may also send the unit which a partner cannot produce.
- There is no norm.
* Since it is important to get a lot any how and to attack a lot, let's send reinforcements mutually like crazy.

[About clans exchange]
- Exchange is taken as to three maximums at once.
- Those to whom he wants to go to alternate need to get the approval of a leader or a co leader in advance.* I ask a leader to certainly transmit.
- During the period, if it is a short period and is about two days and a long period of time, it is possible up to 1 league.(It will be saved if you come back early if possible.)
- Please be in time for the clan wars fixed day.
- The guarantee of the capacity at the time of going to alternate is till two weeks.There is no guarantee after it.
- Don't carry out receipts and payments in particular frequent although there is also no important business.It inconveniences other members.

[About the clan wars]
- Open war on Monday every week past 23:00 in Japan.
- Hold other days by a perfect free participatory type.(Even if it holds, it is not necessary to carry out)
- reinforcements -- burying -- carry out by becoming 5 sets [ 1 ].(A pair is constructed and it puts each other in so that it may become five persons at a time from a top at the order of the clan maps)

[About a elder and a co leader]
- In order to lose differentiation, the member who did certain fixed period enrollment appoints an all the members elder.
Let's follow each other up all together!
- When violation of manners, an unsuitable utterance, etc. are discovered, please remove an applicable member from clans.
- Please notify an object member name and a reason by the clan chat at the time of expulsion.
- If some people are looking for clan globally, please utilize an "invitation to clans" function!
- If there is no greeting after recognizing within 3 minutes even if it passes for 10 minutes, please kick.Let's wait for the recognition after passing more for 1 hour or more.
- If the clan rules explanation to a new member can be performed, I will need your help.(Guidance to this web site)
- The co leader can use a mail function.Please utilize.

[About a member's kick]
- For the clan activation, I will discuss with a elder and a co leader the direction which does not come to how to twist cooperativeness and clans too much, and will kick it regardless of a participating period.since beforehand is not connected with from us in that case -- an understanding -- I would appreciate your favor.
-under silver reague

[At the last]
- The rule of clan understands that it is not the thing for binding a member but a thing for everybody to play a game smoothly happily, and, for the reason, asks you for cooperation.I will consider the clan management and it will go all together!

Thank you.Please enjoy it together with us.

October 30, 2013, 日本! YAMATO魂 establishment
November 8, 2013, rule decision
January 01, 2014, jp1魂 establishment, jp1 group entry
February 25, 2014, rule amendment
May 28, 2014, God of Japan establishment
May 29, 2014, jp1魂 dismissal
July 06, 2014, rule amendment